Archery Lessons for the Physically Challenged

The past year has been a terrible one for me. Back in March 2016 I broke my ankle while waterskiing in Mexico and it put a real damper on my ability to teach archery.

Worse, the doctors estimated I would be able to walk (and teach) again by September 2016. Instead over a year later I am still getting around in a wheelchair and complications have forced me to face the reality that I will likely be in a wheelchair or walking with a cane (hopping with a cane is more like it) for the foreseeable future, as putting any pressure on my ankle causes extreme pain and hampers the healing process.

However this hiatus from teaching archery has given me pause to think about people who are handicapped / physically challenged (whichever more politically correct term you prefer) and their will to do archery.

I want to be teaching archery - I really enjoy teaching archery - I have the will to teach archery.

However I am changing my focus. I want to start teaching people who are physically challenged / handicapped.

Part of the impetus for this recent decision is when I recently met a prick named Sam Sotiropoulos who verbally abused me in public, claiming I was taking too long, was too slow, and he questioned my intelligence. I was very much tempted to show him what a wheelchair can do and ram it into his shins. The guy annoyed me extremely, but I bit my tongue and decided to not sink his level of disgusting behaviour. (Google Sam Sotiropoulos and you will discover he is a first rate prick, up there with Rob Ford and Donald Trump, but without all the family money.)

So to reiterate, if anyone out there is physically challenged and looking for archery lessons, let me know. I am officially teaching again - but I am limiting my clientele.

Broken Ankle, Not Available to Teach

To Whom It May Concern!

If you are reading this please be advised that I broke my ankle while waterskiing in Mexico and tore several important ligaments. As such I am currently in a wheelchair (which I always thought would be a chick magnet, but apparently I was wrong).

Pending fast healing, I might be able to walk / teach again by August or September, if all goes well.

As such I am currently not accepting any new archery students so I can focus on healing.

If you are seeking to get into archery I wish you all the best with your archery endeavours.

There is a list of reputable archery instructors on that you should check out.

If you are looking to get into hunting, both the guy from Cardio Trek or the guy from Survivor Archery can help you.

If you are looking for recreational archery, check out either Cardio Trek or OCCS.

If you are looking for Olympic archery, contact Joan McDonald. Or failing that, try the Toronto School of Archery in Etobicoke.

Best of luck and may the force or the odds ever be in your favour!

And because it is amusing, check out this drawing of a Jedi Archer. Shame the artist is apparently clueless about archery form. Even a Jedi should use proper form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elite Archery Lessons

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Elite Archery Lessons, with the questions bolded and my answers in plain text.

#1. Where do you teach?

I usually teach in my basement, which is quite long and I have outfitted as an indoor archery range. It is effectively my own private indoor range. And no, I do not rent out the space to other people. This is inside my home after all. As to the location of my home in Richmond Hill, I prefer to keep that between myself and my students due to privacy concerns. I will say however that you will likely want to drive there as public transit often leads to delays in my opinions.

I sometimes also teach at the Toronto Archery Range located within E. T. Seton Park, but only when my archery students have progressed to a point where I want to start teaching them at longer distances.

#2. Do you teach multiple people at once?

No, all of my lessons are private and one-on-one lessons.

#3. Do you teach children?

No, as per my new 2015 rules I only teach people who are 18 years old or older.

#4. Can you squeeze in one extra person for one lesson?

Nope. I am fully booked for the 2015 season, and I only accept students who are signing up for 20 lessons or more. I have no interest in teaching people who are not serious about the sport. If you are asking for "1 lesson just to try it out" then I am not interested in teaching you.

#5. What kind of archery equipment do you give as a signing bonus?

The equipment includes a takedown recurve bow (right or left handed) with a poundage appropriate for yourself, 10 arrows, a quiver, finger gloves or shooting tab (your choice), a durable plastic archery target and other assorted archery gear. I favour the Samick Polaris or Samick Sage brand/models, but it really varies on the user.

#6. How is payment made?

All of the funds must be transferred at least 14 days before the start of lessons.

Cheque, cashiers cheque or money order. I also accept cash or bank transfers.

I do not accept credit card or debit.

I also do not accept "installment plans" or paying in piecemeal.

#7. What days do you teach? What time of year do you teach?

I ONLY teach on 30 weekends of the year between April and December, with several weekends off for holidays. This is why I book up so easily. I only take on enough students to fill 30 weekends , and I only teach 4 lessons per weekend. This means I only teach 120 lessons per year.

Now you may have noticed that people sometimes sign up for 40 or 50 lessons, which means I am teaching them for more than 1 year - which means if a person books 50 lessons that there will be less lessons available the year afterwards.

Sometimes people sign up for only 20 lessons and this means those people take up the remainder of lessons for the times that was left free by someone who got 40 or 50 lessons. (I have been thinking about switching to a "30 lessons" only system, which might actually be easier for booking - and would mean exactly 4 new students each year. At present I admit I tend to favour students who are signing for the exact number I need in order to fill up my lessons schedule.

If you are doing your math this means I really only accept roughly 3 to 5 new students per year.

#8. What times do you teach?

Saturday at 9 AM to 12 PM
Saturday at 1 PM to 4 PM
Sunday at 9 AM to 12 PM
Sunday at 1 PM to 4 PM

#9. What happens if I miss a lesson?

Then you miss it. Whatever you are doing instead of practicing must be really important for you. No refunds for missed lessons. Think of it like signing up for an university class in French - if you miss a class, you don't get a refund. It is your responsibility to show up for every class.

However since I don't teach on holiday weekends (Victoria Day Weekend, Thanks Giving Weekend, etc) I see no reason why you should not be able to attend every lesson.

#10. Do you give refunds if I change my mind and decide I no longer want to continue the lessons?

Nope. All lessons are non-refundable. That is pretty much industry standard when you sign up for any kind of lessons.

#11. What if I have additional questions?

If you have more questions just email me at micahrothschild at gmail dot com.

Fully Booked For The 2015 Season

As of today I am fully booked for the 2015 season. I will be accepting prebookings for the 2016 season starting November 1st 2015.

If you are looking for archery lessons in Toronto I recommend contacting one of my colleagues listed on, see the list of Toronto archery instructors on the website.

Elite Archery Lessons Toronto

Age Note - I am also changing my preferences for accepting new students to stipulate that I will only be accepting students who are 18 years or older.

Personal Note - Very happy with Green Arrow and the Flash TV shows, so to all the other fans of the shows out there HIGH FIVE! I can't wait for more shows and crossovers of shows. Maybe they will do a crossover with Gotham / Bruce Wayne sometime?


Hey Toronto Archery Fans!

I am not accepting any new archery students for 2014. If you want archery lessons you will need to sign up for lessons in 2015. Don't delay, sign up today.

Sign up for archery lessons in 2015 by contacting micahrothschild at gmail dot com.


Welcome to Elite Archery Lessons Toronto!


My name is Micah and I am an archery instructor in Toronto.

Do you want to learn archery?

Yes? Good.

However I must warn you that learning archery - and mastering archery - is a time consuming process.

You need a lot of practice and a lot of coaching to learn what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, how to perfect your form, increase the accuracy of your aim, how to handle and take care of your equipment - and how to become an Elite Archer!

I don't do single archery lessons. So if you are looking to just "try out archery" then you are talking to the wrong archery instructor.


Get twenty 3-hour archery lessons for $2,000. ($100 per lesson.)

Or thirty 3-hour archery lessons for $2,850. ($95.00 per lesson.)

Or forty 3-hour archery lessons for $3,600. ($90.00 per lesson.)

Or fifty 3-hour archery lessons for $4,250. ($85.00 per lesson.)

All lessons are one on one with the instructor. You must be at least 16 years old to sign up.

Equipment Signing Bonus

As part of those packages you will receive approx. $500 worth of archery equipment as a signing bonus. The equipment includes a takedown recurve bow (right or left handed) with a poundage appropriate for yourself, 10 arrows, a quiver, finger gloves or shooting tab (your choice), a durable plastic archery target and other assorted archery gear.

If you would prefer to buy your own equipment there is a $500 discount if you want to use your own equipment.


My goal in teaching is to take a complete beginner at archery and after 20 to 50 lengthy lessons leave a person who will be able to shoot competitively with utmost accuracy and confidence regardless of whether they pick up a recurve bow, compound bow, shortbow or longbow.

In other words you will be an Elite Archer capable of wowing friends and colleagues with your amazing archery skills.
To schedule archery lessons in Toronto contact micahrothschild at gmail dot com